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The Do-Not-Disturb Mattress®
Beautyrest® is the Do-Not-Disturb Mattress®. Other mattresses have coils that are interwoven, so when someone moves on the mattress, the whole mattress moves. On a Beautyrest®, each Pocketed Coil™ spring reacts independently to pressure without affecting coils in other areas of the mattress. When one sleeper moves, the other is less likely to be disturbed. It's as if the surface of the innerspring follows the changing shape of each sleeper's body.
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Better Body Contouring
The Pocketed Coil™ innersprings' independent reaction also allows them to conform to body contours better than the springs in traditional innerspring mattresses. The result is better support and greater comfort.
Quieter Operation
The individual Pocketed Coil™ innersprings on a Beautyrest® also offers a quieter operation. Since they are not joined directly by metal to metal like conventional mattresses, noise is almost non-existent. Each coil is encased in a fabric sleeve eliminating all clicking or metallic sounds when the coils expand and contract with the sleeper's movements.
Better Support and Durability
Working wire is the portion of the spring that flexes to deliver comfort, firmness and support. Beautyrest® provides up to double the working wire of any of the leading competitors' beds. The height of each coil is significantly taller than most competing products, creating a strong, durable and resilient mattress. We also use heavier-gauge edge coils and border rods to supply additional edge-to-edge support and comfort for mattress longevity.
Precision Comfort: The greater the number of coils in a mattress, the greater the likelihood that mattress will conform more precisely to your body. The number of Pocketed Coil™ innersprings in a Beautyrest mattresses increases with each of our three lines. The Super Premium Series has 580 coils per full size mattress. The Ultra Premium Series has 651. The World Class Premium series contains 704 coils, offering unparalleled conformability and support. No other company can offer this patented support system.
High Quality Materials
Beautyrest® mattresses also contain only high quality quilting and upholstery materials. Each layer is properly positioned to respond with added support and made with many natural fibers for resiliency. Mattresses may contain wool, silk, or cashmere blended with our most resilient synthetic fiber, Ultra Beautyloft Plus. The customer may choose a mattress as firm or plush as they like.
Strongest Foundation Even the foundation on which our mattresses rest is stronger than the leading competitors. Our innovative PowerFlex® steel torsion bar foundation incorporates vertical, angular steel elements that absorb pressure and contribute to the longevity of the coils in our mattress. The addition of patented PowerBeam® (L-braces) makes for a 20% more supportive foundation compared to its predecessor and the strongest foundation of all leading competitors. Tests show that our newest PowerBeam® frame can withstand 1,344 lbs. of force before breaking. Our nearest competitors' ordinary "box springs" can withstand only 835 and 677 lbs. respectively
A History of Excellence
Since the Beautyrest® mattress was introduced to the world in 1925, we have constantly refined and improved our product. After more than 70 years of innovation, no other sleep system even comes close to providing the comfort of a Simmons® Beautyrest®.
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