I know you hear the word futon and you think of some crappy wood torture device kids sleep on in college. Fred's Beds does not sell these futons. We have some really nice rattan futons, wood futons, all white cottage futons. Futons with an innerspring mattress are super comfortable to sleep and sit on. You can change the color of your futon as often as you like by putting on a different cover. Most futons have optional storage drawers giving you that always sought after extra space.

Futons are perfect for hard to get to places like boats, lofts, mobile homes with small doors and the like. The friendly delivery guys here at Fred's Beds will set your futon up in places where you could never get a regular sofa in. So please browse through our futons and come by and sit on one yourself.


Fred Roth

Upper & Middle Keys
MM 53.5
13333 O/S hwy
Marathon, FL
Don't live in the keys? Fred's Beds will
ship to you, email us for a frieght quote!

Lower & Middle Keys
MM 9.35
201 US hwy 1
Big Coppitt Key, FL
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