I have a vacation rental apartment and I need an extra bed in the living room. What are my best options? Well first I can tell you an inflatable mattress is not an option for various reasons. The best one is your guests are paying upwards of a $1000 to stay there and don't want to sleep on a vinyl mattress that is on the floor and pop.

That being said you can get a futon or a sleeper sofa. Now Fred's Beds does not sell your college dorm room futon. We have rattan and wood futons with innerspring mattresses. The advantages of the futon are that the mattress is 8 inches thick! So when its open its like sleeping on a regular bed. Also you can change the fabric on your futon as easy as changing the cover. If you are like me and are tall you'll enjoy the high back. Also many of our futons have optional storage drawers. The cons of a futon are they are a little harder to open and close than a sleeper sofa, and it doesn't look quite as nice as a traditional sleeper sofa. Although futons are usually better priced than traditional sleepers.

Traditional sleeper sofas come in a large varieties of shapes and sizes. Lets talk about size first. Twin, Full and Queen now what size you get depends on your space but just know that the prices on all 3 sizes are about the same. Then there are fully upholstered sleepers and Rattan arm sleepers. Many rental homes opt for the rattan for good reason. First there is the obvious tropical island style. Yet the more practical side is that most of your wear on a sofa comes on the arm. The rattan arms handle that wear very well. Upholstered sofas come in a variety of fabrics from microfiber to leather. Leather wears well and so does bonded leather but you can stick to it when it is hot and really doesn't give you a tropical feel. Likewise microfiber wears very good too but most microfiber fabrics come in a plain solid color which you can accessorize with tropical throw pillows. Cottons are available in a wide variety of prints as well as acrylics. Acrylics will wear better than cotton but won't feel as nice on the skin.

Reviewing, futons are durable, economical and comfortable and rattan sleepers are attractive and maybe not as durable as futons but you realistically should get 6-10 good years out of it. It all boils down to your personal style. Please come in and talk to a sales person at Fred's Beds and see what will work best for your situation.


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