Piedmont Recliner

The Piedmont recliner is a special factor select fabric recliner that Fred's Beds keeps in stock. Factory select means that you can not special order this recliner i n a specfic fabric, just what is in stock. Hence the great price. Its available 2 ways, stationary 3 position, or swivel rocker three position. There are no handles or buttons on this recliner you push on the arms and lean back to recline. The stationary is $250 and the swivel rocker is $299. Below are the ones in stock in Marathon as of 10/20/2010  there are a few more in the other location stop by and see what is available.






Upper & Middle Keys
MM 53.5
13333 O/S hwy
Marathon, FL
Don't live in the keys? Fred's Beds will
ship to you, email us for a frieght quote!

Lower & Middle Keys
MM 9.35
201 US hwy 1
Big Coppitt Key, FL
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